YAMAMOTO Daigo Solo Exhibition “Life on the Line”
2022.7.9 sat – 7.18 mon
Some of the exhibited works will be available for sale on the web from 18:00 on July 10.

YAMAMOTO Daigo is a painter living in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, whose motto is “simple and loose.
When we look at his works, we can feel his strong commitment to the line. The most attractive feature of his work is the beautiful lines that can only be drawn with concentration. He also simply expresses the gap in impressions created by drawing small objects large and large objects small.

One hundred works, mainly pencil drawings with motifs of familiar objects and people, drawn over and over again, will be on display at Suisai. The colorful and impressive works and those in self-made iron frames have a positive power to make you feel cheerful and happy.

Please come and see the lovely works that will make your heart dance.

I draw slowly with a pencil, and the lines tremble and bend a little.
I am looking for simple, gentle, and happy drawings every day.